We're all about the DIY or Die mentality.

All of our posters and tools are available to you online, free of charge. Here's what we've got; just right-click to download, and use these in whatever way helps. Just don't rehost them or sell them on your own - the traffic to the site helps us stay alive. Use these files to print them at a Kinkos or a FedEx or your own desktop - as the creator, you have my permission to print these wherever you need to. Very special thanks for these translations to Jeff Beatty, Roberto Alvarado, Zibi Braniecki, Mark-Anthony Torrocha, Terri Zoller, Francesco Lodolo, M Syafiq Mazli, Kristján Einarsson, Nathan Robbins, Delphine Lebédel, Tahira Carroll, Sara Mansouri, Wim Benes, Ioana Schifirnet, Peter Chen, Tyler Smith.